"Seriously, though. This happens all the time."

Pascal’s Weather Wager: Betting On Climate Change

Everyone and their weatherman has an opinion on global warming, global cooling, climate change, or whatever the new AP Handbook of Style term is for it. Everyone has taken a side. Either they’re out in the (hopefully metaphorical) street, holding up a sign that says THE END IS NEAR OR WHATEVER; or else they’re an obstinate “denier” [...]

Generalist ethics

The Advent of STEM: Death of a Generalist

Educate to Innovate. That’s the slogan of the White House’s campaign to promote STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) to today’s youth. The campaign focuses on surrounding children, from a young age, with resources and encouragement to pursue the hard sciences. It’s a short-term push with a long-term goal: to put the United States [...]